Meet the team

Natural Blender began as one man on a mission to make superfood smoothie making simple, and has quickly grown into a small team of Natural Blenders - intent on creating the most tasty and nutritious smoothies to kick- start your health journey.

Charles Owen

Role at NB: I founded Natural Blender and lead our all-star team here in London. Our mission is to help people make healthy choices, one smoothie at a time!

Favourite superfood: The humble flaxseed – so many Omegas!

Favourite smoothie: The How Now Brown Cacao recipe with spirulina and cacao nibs is confusingly delicious.

When do you drink your smoothie? All day, every day.

Harold Eytan

Role at NB: My goal is to make sure everyone at least gets a little taste of what we do!

Favourite superfood: G-inger

Favourite smoothie: Thai’d up… aroy mak mak

When do you drink your smoothie? In the mornings –half at home, and the other half at the Natural Blender funhouse

Joanna McGinn

Role at NB: I am the Content Editor, planning all our brilliant features on food, health and wellbeing.

Favourite superfood: Matcha – my superfood hero!

Favourite smoothie: Flu Fighter for an instant boost.

When do you drink your smoothie? The 5pm lull.

Kiera Fisken

Role at NB: I ensure that all elements of our smoothie boxes are planned, packed and delivered to our fabulous Natural Blender drinkers!

Favourite superfood: Maca powder.

Favourite smoothie: The Hazelhoff.

When do you drink your smoothie? Little and often – whenever I need a boost.

Marianne Seymour

Role at NB: I manage our social media pages, write the recipe cards and blog articles. My aim is to provide the best nutritional advice, and articles about health trends and tips for improving your general wellbeing.

Favourite superfood: Cacao of course (it’s the closest thing to chocolate!)

Favourite smoothie: Apple-y Ever After

When do you drink your smoothie? Double portion in the morning, because I’m too greedy to save it for later.

Louise Stokes BSc, Dip.ION.

Role at NB: As the in-house nutritionist, I ensure all our nutritional tips and info are accurate and am on hand to advise on all things health and food related.

Favourite superfood: Quinoa.

Favourite smoothie: Power Protein Punch – the perfect balance of nutrients and deliciousness.

When do you drink your smoothie? In the morning.


Sophie Schrittenloher

Role at NB: I work tirelessly to make sure that your boxes are delivered on time, safe and sound.

Favourite superfood: Avocado

Favourite smoothie: Key Lime Pie

When do you drink your smoothie? In the morning.

Delphine Gachot

Role at NB: I am the eyes and ears of the blend!

Favourite superfood: The great, energy-boosting green coffee powder

Favourite smoothie: Pineapple Passion

When do you drink your smoothie? Par-ci, par là… 😉

Dee Chauhan

Role at NB: Recipe developer; I create smoothies in our test kitchen to amaze and inspire you, I also research new ingredients and plan the weekly menu with Kiera.

Favourite superfood: Wheatgrass – it’s jammed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants.

Favourite smoothie: House Green

When do you drink your smoothie? Twice a day – as snack replacements.

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